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Pee Wee

Urine bags
Have you ever experienced an embarrassing and urgent need to urinate while there are no facilities available in the vicinity?

The PEE-WEE urinary bag system, which quickly relieves an urgent desire to pee, was created to respond easily and hygienically to this situation at a lower cost.

Pee-Wee bags are usable in all latitudes and longitudes because the urine (about 7 sec) is immediately frozen and deodorized to allow to bring back the waste of your winter or others wilderness hikes to public trash-boxes without any problems whatsoever.

Pee-Wee's hints

  • EASY : Slip resistant unisex collar can be used by adults or children. 
  • SAFE : Snap-close bag, no spill, no contact with wastes, prevents spread of diseases. 
  • EFFECTIVE : Gels about 24 oz (around 0,7 l.) of liquid waste. 
  • GREEN : Dispose in normal trash
  • PROVEN : over 10’000’000 bags already sold. Used by military forces and NASA