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Self-cleaning toilets
HYGISEAT is an automatic and self-cleaning toilet’s system allowing to offer to users a constant clean and disinfected seat fully flushed and ready for another use. The cleaning cycle is of about 12 seconds and is based on ecological principles to minimize all consumptions to the minimal limits.

The HYGISEAT‘s toilet’s system is on the market since 1995 and was constantly improve since then. The latest models offer some features like odor’s aspiration that allow a very cosy use of the toilets equipped with such models. You have the choice amongst many various colors to personalized your own toilets. The simplicity of the construction allows, with a minimum service, to keep in use HYGISEAT and maintain a high level of efficiency and disinfectant processes all the way even in case of very heavy use. The Germibloc disinfectant is widely approved by medical officers and hopitals since it is efficient at 99.9% including VIH virus.

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